Sunday, January 25, 2009


Why couldn't I have been born into a filthy rich family? I wouldn't have cared if they made their money in some shady business, as long as they made a bunch of it. Enough to pass down to me so I could be filthy rich. The first thing on my list of things not to do in my lifetime would be never having to defrost the freezer. I would have the housekeeper do it. Let her slip and slide on the water soaked slick tile floors.

Let her move the hair dryer from place to place, fill those pans of hot water to set on the shelves crusted deep with ice from years of never defrosting the damn thing. Let her empty the cookie sheets that are failing miserably to catch the water as the ice melts. Let her mop up the mess and decide which frozen things in there are unrecognizable and should be dumped in the garbage. Let her wear steel toe shoes while doing this in case one of those frozen things should land on (her)your toes as they are wedged out of the ice.

I would even promise that housekeeper to clean the oven if she would just defrost the freezer. Oh, wait. For a second there I forgot I was filthy rich. I'll hire someone else to do the oven.

Another why. Why didn't someone add a heating element to that monstrosity freezer. One could just empty it and flip the heat switch for an instant defrost. Maybe some do come with a heater? Did I just cheap out and get one without a heater?

One more chore for the housekeeper. She could empty all those laundry baskets that have clothes neatly folded but never put in drawers or put on hangers to go to the closets. My reasoning is that I save the door hinges on the closets by not over using them to hang clothes. I even have laundry baskets that are neatly sorted with under garments and outer wear. I'm organized; yes I am!

I have a lot to do today. My goal: a freezer that actually has the shelves viewable. Laundry baskets with viewable bottoms. I maybe setting my goals too high for today. I'll adjust my goals as my day proceeds.

And so my day goes.

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