Friday, January 9, 2009

Out and About

We drove through the downtown area. It has been rejuvenated; outdoor tables were filled with lunch goers. The weather is beautiful today. It's sunny and warm with no humidity. PERFECT!

Then to the country. On the way there we stopped at The Best Stop for cracklins and boudain balls. Anyone that has ever been here knows about The Best Stop. The store is painted an ugly red; old metal building with a fresh coat of ugly paint. The aisles are narrow and crowded with local flavor. Homemade pralines, turnovers and cakes in no special order line the counter at the cash register.
It's a specialty market selling meats heavily spiced for grilling and cracklins and boudain are sold over the counter. The little brown paper bag that is used to carry your cracklins absorbs some of the grease to become partially soaked; the cracklins are fresh fried and hotly spiced. This is a big seller and if you are lucky, you will arrive as they are being taken out of the tall metal containers of hot oil. The smell is mouth watering. We don't go here often. Cracklins are a"heart attack in a bag".
A perfect day to drive around with a bag of greasy cracklins and enjoy the sunshine.

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