Friday, January 16, 2009

Home Again

After a few potty stops for Carrie we are back. All in all Carrie was a champ at traveling. We all survived and that's a good thing.

We, of course, stopped in Luling, Tx. for big plates of barbeque sausage, ribs and brisket. We scheduled leaving San Antonio so we would arrive around lunch time but I honestly think they serve barbeque for breakfast. As usual, it was a good feast.

On the trip home we listened for hours to the reports of the plane in the Hudson. Planes and water and both intertwined; both my nightmares rolled into one event.

I can only imagine and too well what that flight must have been like. I would have been the passenger that had to be backhanded to stop me screaming; the water outside the plane would have masked the pee stains on my clothes. I'm a coward, I admit it. I can't even watch thriller movies with plane crashes or tragic water events.
I watched those passengers walk off those rescue boats. Walk? Nope, I think not. I don't think I would have been able to stand much less walk. That pilot deserves a medal!

The weather, another topic of nationwide interest and I have to say to that WTF???
It was 61 degrees when we left San Antonio yesterday and it is 28 degrees here right now. The high today? 49 degrees. My computer keeps losing internet connection. I'm on the laptop and I need to go to the office and use the desktop to see if it is losing internet connection. I hope it's just the weather and not something wrong with my shiny new laptop. I sign back on and blogger has saved my typing so I haven't had to retype this. Wouldn't we hate to lose all this valuable information? I can never re write the same thing. It's a one shot deal.

Another earth shaking event. I slept till 6AM!! That seldom happens. I feel as though my whole day is gone and I slept it away. Must be the cold weather that kept me in bed that long. I must go catch up. I'm behind or I feel that I am.
Carrie And San Antonio Jan. 2009

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