Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ooops, You've Fallen

Hurrah, Hurrah! I've made it out of the house and I made sure to bring my trusty walking stick just in case I need it. I've wrapped a brace around my knee and it actually feels pretty good for the moment. Sometimes the brace helps and sometimes after it has been worn for a while, it starts causing pain where the screws, bolts and staples hold that knee together.

It's 57 degrees out and overcast. Maybe I should have taken that laundry off the line? Later, I'll do it when I get back. I enjoyed my short ride to the shopping areas. I slowly circled the store by hanging on to the shopping cart which replaced my walking stick to help me maneuver the store. So far, so good. I scored some nice winter clothes on clearance. I head for the register for check out.

The check out line had 3 people in line before me. The young lady directly in front of me had an armload of stuff. I assumed that was why she stepped to the counter beside us to rest her selections. I watched her as she leaned a little, then more until finally she was almost bent over. Stepping out of line, I took her by the arm and asked if she was ok. Really, I'm not blind. I could see she wasn't. Her skin was cold and clammy. She was either "bottoming out" (BP dropping) or she was hypoglycemic. Nurse mode kicks in as soon as I felt her skin. I asked someone to get a chair for her. That appeared quickly and she sat down right there in the aisle. She called her father to pick her up; I checked her again and her skin was warming up. I left and I suppose she was picked up by her father.

Once you start your day off on the wrong foot, it would appear you are out of step for the whole day. It had now started raining and the temperatures were plummeting. It plummeted 10degrees and the rain went the other direction. It increased. I wondered if my clothes on the line were ready to take in. Maybe tomorrow.

After stopping two more places, I headed home. I figured by now the safest thing to do was to take a nap. It's raining; the clothes on the line won't be ready to take in for another week judging by the water dripping off the pant legs. I napped.

When I woke and saw it was only 3:15, I tried to go back to sleep. I surely didn't want to get up that early. I awoke again at 6:30 and patted myself on the back thinking I had slept in. I was thinking it was morning. I flip on the TV and notice all the TV shows are coming on at the wrong time. Now, I'm wondering "is it morning"? or is it evening"? Gosh, I hate it when I have to call someone and ask them. I did. I was almost sure I knew but I had to verify. After my friend could control her laughter at my question she said "I hate it when that happens".

I think I took a left turn when I initially got up this morning. That's where I made my big mistake. Getting out of bed.

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