Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's Up?

Me and since 2:30 AM. I know I didn't go to sleep too early last night but at 2:30 I'm awake. For a few seconds I lay there thinking I might go back to sleep. Sometimes I'm lucky and that happens; sometimes my brain sets itself firmly in gear and going back to sleep is not an option. This is that time.
Getting up and going to the kitchen, I snagged a glass of ice tea from the fridge. I didn't want to brew a pot of coffee in the off chance that I might be sofa bound for more sleep. I reset the timer on the clothes dryer and punched the "start", eyed the dishes in the sink and decided they could hang out there till at least daylight. I cruised through the living room, checked the little Dell, flipped on the TV to CNN and watched for a few minutes.
Of course out of long time habit I signed online and read my mail and made a few other stops finally ending up here on my "memory online blog".
I still plan on creeping up on the sofa and trying to get a few more hours of sleep. Carrie will be here again today and she requires one to be rested and ready for a full day of activity.
Based on fright now from thinking about Carrie's arrival and me in a sleep deprived hungover state, I think it best I snuggle down on the sofa and try to get fully recharged before she arrives.
Goodnight again.

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