Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've been watching Blaggo making the rounds on all the talk shows. Really, I've not watched those shows as Carrie commandeers the TV during the daytime but when she leaves at the end of the day, I try to catch up by watching the news programs. Of course they have been showing Blaggo making the rounds of the talk shows. He didn't attend his impeachment hearings but chose to go on these shows to plead his case to the public at large.

His credibility is apparently in the toilet in Illinois; he is pleading it seems with anyone out of that state now. If they have his conversations on tape, does he really think he can refute the accusations made against him?
Which brings me to the subject of denial. I had a friend who asked me this question.
"Would you tell your friend if her husband was cheating on her?"
Emphatically I answered "NO!". Without hesitation I answered "NO!" I may not look really intelligent but I can tell you this, "I'm not mentally impaired!"

"Why?", she asked. "Denial is a protective mode we enter into when the truth hurts to much or the consequences of our actions are to be avoided. I believe that. I've seen it in action more times then I care to admit. If he is cheating, she already knows it. She knows when he is making excuses; when he is suddenly changing his normal routine; when he conveniently has excuses that cover absences or appointments." She is not ready to accept what she already knows. You can substitute "he" in the place of "she" where necessary." You wonder how everyone else can see but he/she appear blind? This applies to other circumstances then relationships.

Denial is watching a movie for the second time and hoping it ends with the heroine surviving that plane crash; the couple on the Titantic survive and live happily ever after.

Blaggo is in denial. Deny it often enough and you may win over a few people that will believe or you may even start believing it yourself.

The trick is keeping a straight face when you are listening to someone in active denial.
He can't see my face through that TV screen. I can roll my eyes, or gasp or laugh. I can even feel some sympathy for someone that has so messed up their career and life.

Denial is self preservation. Denial is your back against the wall. Who hasn't participated?

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