Monday, January 26, 2009

Cartoon Love

Here we are again with temperatures back up into the mid 70's with sunshine bright and clear. I just went out and watered newly planted flowers. They made it through the frosts we've had in the past few weeks. Frost is the closest thing we get to snow.

Carrie and I have been watching cartoons all morning. Cinderalla got her fella, Tarzan got Jane and now we are watching Robin Hood. Maid Marian will vamp Robin Hood and another successful romance to end this cartoon marathon.

Why don' t we have cartoons showing independant women making their own fortunes instead of flaunting for a prince to take them away from the cinders and housework? Disney was a chauvinist. His females were the same girl in period costume. The Jessica Simpsons in cartoon form. You were pretty/princess or dog ugly step sisters.

What prince would want the ugly girl for a wife? Let's take the chick with the pretty dress and the makeup. I wonder why a child of 3 would be so enthralled with makeup. They are indoctrinated early.

I had to explain this morning what happened to Tarzan's parents. Dead. They were murdered by a man eating tiger. "Why?" she asked. "Because the Tiger was mean." I said. "Why?" she asked. "Because he was hungry" I said. He was mean and hungry. I get that way when I'm hungry" I said. Her eyes widen and she started backing away from me. "Don't be silly" I said. Nana's don't eat Carries'." "Come here and let me nibble on your neck". "Alright, I was jokin".

We were suppose to go to the park today but she is more interested in the romances of the cartoon type. I'm barely staying awake. I've drank 2 pots of coffee; I think the only cure is a nap. I'm going to break the news soon to Carrie that it's nap time. I need it far more then she does. She is probalby scared to take a nap with me. If she asks if I'm hungry, I plan on lying to her.


  1. Was Disney a chauvenist or was he a man of his time? Can we fairly measure the past with the yardstick of today?

  2. and what fellow did you get in the fairy tale episodes..............


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