Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today was pretty much the same as yesterday. Carrie and I hung out together. Since she can't drive, she didn't have much choice but to spend the day with me.

She painted my fingernails today. She painted most of my fingers too. Getting control of that little nail polish brush is tough on those 3yr old fingers. I painted her toenails and she did her own fingers. We were having a girl moment. Interspersed in our day were those times when she would turn and say sweetly " I love you Nana". What's not to love about being around Carrie?

We started looking for a part to one of her toys which led to digging through her toy box. Eventually everything in the toy box was on the sofa, coffee table and floor. It was discovery time for all those things she had forgotten buried deep in the toy box.
She found her chicken that does the chicken song and chicken dance. We spent the next 20 minutes doing the chicken dance. She found her mini flash light which needed a new battery and some stuffed toys she hadn't seen for a long time. It was a trip down memory lane for her. It was a short trip ; she's 3yrs old.

We watched Disney cartoons again. The same ones we watched yesterday. I'm always amazed about the fact they can watch the same cartoon over and over and yet again. I can barely sit through any movie once, but I can read and reread a book.

Everyone is gone and I'm catching up on the news. 70,000 more layoffs on Monday which is now being called Bloody Monday. More to come. 2009 is off to a great start. I'm already looking forward to 2010. I have hopes that things will be better since this one that isn't looking good at all. Maybe watching Disney cartoons all day is safer on one's mental mood then watching the news. Maybe I'll just watch Nemo tonight.

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