Monday, January 26, 2009

Me and My Stick

Walking sticks, started out as a necessary tool for the shepherd and traveler. A nice hefty stick was an excellent way to protect against thieves and to keep animals in line. Over time, the walking stick gradually began to be known as a symbol for power and strength, and eventually authority and social prestige. Rulers of many cultures, past and present, have carried some form of walking stick or staff

The above is the definition from Wikipedia. A symbol for power and strength? Why does it make me not feel powerful or strong. Maybe if I was carrying it for prestige but not when I'm using it to replace weight placed on my right knee. I should try for the dowager look. Long cape, upswept sprayed in place hair, big jewelry lots of mascara and a big hat? In my case, maybe I should just try for the sheppard look. A flock of sheep, a heavy wool coat and a beard. Ok, strike the beard. I don't want to have another problem to deal with.

February 3 is rushing right at me. Pre Op time. February is a short month which leads me right to March 2nd when I will have surgery. I'm curious to see if I can board a plane without having the metal detectors start alarming. Maybe I should start thinking about staying away from large magnets? I can see me getting sucked up and stuck and hanging by my knee which brings back visions from a James Bond movie when the villian got stuck to that magnet by all the grillwork on his teeth.

I'll have to check to see if it's titanium. I do believe that is the metal used; one more worry gone.

I have a list of all the wonderful things I can do post op. Walking is on the top of that list. I want to go on a walking vacation. I want to go on any vacation. That won't happen for a while. I'm sure it will be months before I have my normal strength back. That's something I expect; but at least it's the future. I can't start healing till I get it done.

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