Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lazy Sunday

We spent most of the day lazing around the house. I spent much of the morning tweaking my laptop. It was doing all sorts of strange things and sometimes it wasn't doing anything at all. Dead screen and for hours nothing would come up on it. I did a restore which helped then did a defrag. I started the defrag and 4hrs later it was still defragging. Sad shape it was in. Another little anomaly, the "h" keeps popping off and has to be jammed back into place. Then I have 100 'h's" that have to be deleted. This is not an old laptop. It's just slow and I have to use a D'Link to hook up with the router in the office. It's a slow hook up. I'll get a Toshiba Satelite to replace this one. I don't mind not having a laptop unless I'm traveling. I'll keep this one for a while and finally I have it back in action. Hubby wanted me to go today with him and get a new one. We were naming it my birthday gift.

I wanted to wait to see how this one would perform. It's still an option; I'll wait a while. If this one craters again, we can shop for a new one.

This afternoon we decided to go to Buffalo Wings and Things to sit outside for some patio dining while watching the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles game. The weather again is mild to almost too mild. I sat opposite a young couple. She was wearing leggings, a short sleeve thin blouse with flip flops on her feet. Sandals and lightweight clothing was what everyone was wearing.

Lawns are greening up and I fear I'll be mowing the grass soon. What the heck happened to our winter. Flowers are popping up only to be bitten by the frost that is sure to reappear. These unseasonably warm days inspiring
all this growth will spring a surprise. It's too early for these warm temperatures to last long.

Mardi Gras is in the air. Christmas wreaths are being replaced by Mardi Gras door decorations. Beads and baubles will soon be spotted hanging from the trees above the parade routes. I heard talk of the balls that are starting. King Cakes will fill the bakery windows and the party will be on. We have the second biggest Mardi Gras; second only to New Orleans. Soon if not already done, all the hotel rooms here will be reserved for the revelers.

Nostradamus predictions are showing on the television right now and I'm watching the dire predictions come 2012. I feel about this as I do about fortune tellers. No one remembers when the predictions are wrong but only when they get something right. I'm afraid I'm a realist. Interesting to watch but it will take more to convince me. I'm still trying to figure out how those pyramids were built; Stone Henge and Easter Island are mysterious enough for me.

It's time to call an end to pounding this laptop.

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