Friday, January 23, 2009

The Park for Carrie

We should have one more warm day. Based upon that, Carrie and I will head to the park this morning for a few hours. We'll take bread for the ducks and the neutra rats; the neutra rats are just too cute(said with a grimace).

I have the upcoming weekend all to myself. I may go to the movies. There is one movie I would like to see and based upon the reviews, I should be able to sit through the whole thing. We shall see.

I've just received the paperwork this morning from a realtor in Wyoming. We are selling the little piece of land we own there. I don't ever want to live there again so it's going to be listed. When we first left there and for the years following, I refused to sell it. I kept thinking that some day we might move there and build an A-frame house. One year we made a trip back there after being gone for 10plus years.

What was I thinking? Cold and windy and desolate. The trip back was good for me. I knew after that, this was not going to be a place I would want to live again. Give me nice clear roads, warm temperatures and that occasional hurricane. I'm far enough inland that I don't have to worry about tidal surge. The winds from the hurricanes cause evacuations and some clean up but so far we have been lucky. We've only taken one direct hit and it was a Cat 1. We really haven't evacuated in all the years we have been here. We were out of town on the last big one and had to convoy back with those that evacuated. The worst thing is being without electricity but the longest we were without was 8hrs. The humidity can be fierce and very uncomfortable.

One other thing I don't do is work the shelters. As long as I'm not employed by a hospital I can't be forced to do that. When Katrina hit, I had just been to New Orleans 2 months prior for a state wide seminar on Disaster Relief. I sat and watched the curtains from the hotel connected to the Dome blowing in the breeze. Windows were shattered in that hotel; the area around the Dome were filled with people that had not left N.O. The disaster recovery was nil. I'm wondering how effective that training was that we spent 3 days there learning.

I would still rather be here then isolated with no quick access to a major airport. We would fly out of Denver when we went on a trip but many times we never knew if we could even make it to Denver. Summer time trips were the only sure thing.

Nope, I'll stay in the land of sunshine, neutra rats and hurricanes.

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  1. Except for that killer humidity it ain't a bad place to be. Killer humidity and the damned fire ants.


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