Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Upgrade! Upgrade!

The little laptop is back on the sick list. It only stays good for a few days, then it lags, stalls and fails to launch. I think it is terminal. If it owned a tongue, I'm sure it would be hanging out but of course it would need a mouth to do that. She needs to be restored to a earlier time to be fit; that would apply to me also.
A restore point for humans? Where would you set that restore point? Of course you would have to give up something. The last 10 years? or 15?
Would you restore to a time of health or pre heartache? Pre children or pre bad decisions on life, money and relationships? I would settle for 1 year ago when I could still walk relatively normal. I'm not greedy; I'm not unhappy with the past 10 or 15 years. I am unhappy with confinement and limits.
Hopefully when I see the ortho doc in two days I'll have an idea of what the near future holds for me. I want to be able to walk easily; I don't need to jump and run. I would like to be able to take a vacation that entailed a lot of walking and for that, this knee will have to function better then what it does now. It creaks, slips and pinches. It feels as unstable as that little Dell in the other room. I am failing to launch or maybe the launch is just a delayed slower launch.
We are going shopping for a Toshiba to replace the little Dell. Shopping for a new laptop and a knee fix. The new laptop will have Centrino. It will have everything to hook up to the Internet via routers. No more D-Link and it will be faster. In two days, maybe I will have the answer to the same problem; am I going to be faster with a bright shiny titanium knee?
Sometimes ya just gotta UPGRADE!

Happy Early Birthday to ME!

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