Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All About Boobs

"Carrie drink your juice" I said. Carrie doesn't eat fruit so I figured she needs some fruit in her diet. She is a picky eater. Vienna sausages, bacon, sausage, spaghetti, mac and cheese and that is the total list of what she will eat. Her drink of choice is chocolate milk. I don't give her soda pop.

I'm worried that she is not getting all the vitamins she needs. I bought a couple of cartons of fruit juice. Mixed juices with strawberry, banana and orange and thought that would cover the vitamins she is missing.

I gave her a glass of juice and a little later she comes to me and says "Nana, this is not good for me. Chocolate milk is good for me". Good try little girl. I knew threatening her would do no good.
Being all girl and loving all things girlish, I said "Drink your juice. It will make your boobies grow".

With a big smile, she upended the glass and slurped down her juice. She expected immediate results. She pulled up her shirt and checked her chest.
It's not about health. It's about boobs apparently.

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