Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is it Summer?

Carrie and hubby are in the yard with trays of flowers, fertilizer and mulch. Is it really time to plant flowers? They cleaned up the flower bed in front of the house; turned the soil and delicately placed the purple and gold plants. Next came the mulch to protect their tender roots and keep them moist. They were then misted with a fine spray of water.

Next the mower was moved from it's winter time home in the Little House. It sounds like summer here. I can hear the riding lawn mowers' engine crank to life and as I watch, it appears from the back and starts it's paths back and forth across the lawn.

The yard looks neat and trim. No more scraggly patches of grass that grew faster then it's neighbors. The grass wasn't tall but just unkempt. Do we call it kempt now? No, I guess we will just call it neat.

Carrie is in her swing on the patio. She calls out for someone to swing her; we rush to lift the front of her swing as high as possible and release. She squeals as we let loose of her swing and it takes her on a backward ride and reaches it's arc to return again for another push. To be 3 years old again, but would we remember? I'm sure she will remember some things but many of her good times will be forgotten; to be replaced by memories from an older age. I take many photos of her and video her when I remember to reach for my camera.

I know I'll enjoy looking at these in the years to come and so shall she. We watch her older videos now and she enjoys seeing them.

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