Monday, January 12, 2009

Love and Reality

Does he think about me as much as I think about him? We were meant to be. He is my soul mate. He compliments me and completes me. I dream about his arms around me. We were meant to discover each other and fate bought us together. I'm learning to trust again after many failed relationships with uncaring, devious males. I trust him with my heart. We share everything even our toiletries. I draw the line at sharing our underwear. (Oops..this got away from me with that last sentence.)
Our love is forever and ever. We respect each other's views no matter how they may differ.
His love is warm and comforting. He listens to everything I have to say and does not critisize me for anything I say. He respects my opinion. We discuss everything . We are going to build a wonderful life together based on trust and our love. Our children will be bright beautiful extensions of ourselves. They will grow up in a loving environment.

Ok..I have to stop now. I may barf. Enough already. When I read this bullshit, excuse my vulgarity, but are these people for real? Sometimes I think I'm reading those God-awful magazines my mom read when I was a child.
I'm surprised I ever grew up to read anything other then The National Enquirer. Mom always had those True Confessions, Modern Romance rags around the house. Since we lived in the country and visiting the library was not an option, I would read her magazines. A distored view with women in abusive relationships that stayed in them till some awful event forced them to leave; usually he tried to kill her, hurt her children, etc. These stories usually had a happy ending with the woman meeting and marrying a wealthy business man who was thrilled to meet a women with 5 kids and a 5th grade education (rolling eyes here again).

I eventually made it into public libraries where my reading options were unlimited. I could expand my reading world.

I don't know if Mom read this by choice but I suspect she did. I grew up in the era of romance movies where everything always turned out wonderful in the end. How did I survive this? Talk about a skewed view on the real world and thats what I see when I read blogs that are filled with dribble as the typing at the top of this page. Get friggin real. People are setting goals to such a high level in a relationship and the reality when it sets in is an abrupt lesson in the romance novel that doesn't always have a happy ending.

Sometimes I laugh; most of the time I smile and nod and roll my eyes cause whose to see? I'm facing a computer screen reading these profuse love epistles.

I'm thinking of the day when he uses all the hot water and she has to wait for a shower; when he doesn't call to tell her he is going to be late and dinner has already dried up. When he would rather be with the boys then be with her. When he leaves his dirty laundry on the floor expecting the women of the house to pick it up. When he takes for granted her time spent in cleaning and cooking. Ah yes! Reality is a lovely earthy thing.


  1. I used to think that all relationships happened just like in Danielle Steele novels. Only problem was, I didn't have almond shaped eyes, didn't own a pony and never actually met a guy with money. Other than that, it was just like she said. ;)

  2. Fantasy isn't a bad thing - at least not until it is confused with real life.


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