Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Morn

I awoke at 3AM and thought about going back to sleep. Instead I got up and wandered around for a while then grabbed a blanket and curled up on the sofa, picked up the remote control and watched TV. That only lasted a few minutes and I was back to sleep. I sofa slept till 5AM, got up and brewed a pot of coffee and signed online. That didn't last long till I was back on the sofa till 7AM. Whew! That was a lot of activity for one night when I should have been sleeping.

I'm doing all those Saturday morning chores; laundry, floors and dusting. It's rainy, gloomy weather and although it looks like more rain, I hung some heavy denim on the line. I'll watch for the next cloud and wait..hobble out to the line to bring them in before they get rinsed one more time.

I'm sleepy now (can't imagine why) but I have nothing planned for today. Hubby went to the meat market and picked up some steaks, potatoes, asparagus and garlic toast. I see a cookout in the near future. The weather here is in the upper 70's and I can hear the a/c unit humming away the humidity and heat.
I'm Carrie-Less so it's quiet. A quiet Saturday. How DIVINE!

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  1. Last night it warmed up to five below so it could add another 10 inches of snow to the 3 feet alread on the ground. We used the last of the propane in September. Besides, it's too damned chilly to fire up the grill.


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