Friday, January 23, 2009

Done and Back

Carrie and I went to the park. We strolled across the wooden bridges that took us from one water area to another. Well, let me amend that to say, Carrie hopped, skipped and jumped across that bridge while I with cane in hand did a step and drag to get to the other side. She fed the ducks the old dried and hard hotdog buns I found hiding behind a cannister on the kitchen counter
I don't know one duck from another. If they have a duck beak and duck feet, then it's a duck. I can say we saw solid white ducks and those pretty multi colored ones. Those looked irrdescent in turquoise, black and white. They weren't really excited about our offernings of bread. Someone had got there before us and we could see slices of bread floating around and being ignored by the ducks. These ducks had that disinterested duck look on their faces. They ignored us. I told Carrie we wouldn't be back because they were so rude today. She giggled.
After doing the ducks, we went to the playground. It's 75 degrees here. There were lots of people in Girard Park today. Couples pitching a lime colored frisbee, blankets spread and lunch being enjoyed, and lots of young mothers with infants and toddlers. Carrie had a great time. She hooked up with other children her age and became fast friends for the two hours we were there.When a cloud would wander across the sky causing shadows to cast across the park, a chill would chase away the warmth sprinkled down by the unseen sun. I'm sure by tomorrow this time the cold weather will be blasting through here. I'm sure too I won't be outdoors and in the park.

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