Monday, January 12, 2009

The View

I'm sitting here watching The View. It's easier to sit then to walk, and it's easier to sit and do something. That something is morning TV. The guest on The View is of all people Ann Coulter.

Why would anyone give this person a platform to spew her stupidity. I don't even know if she believes what flushes out of mouth, as in a toilet flush, but that this is her schtick. This gets her attention and creates an audience of skin heads for her books? skinheads read?

Even as a guest she talks over anyone that is trying to dispute something she has said. This is a tactic employed by the hosts on Faux News channel. Talk louder and longer and you don't have to let your Fox News guest defend themselves. Ann Coulter did this as a guest this morning.

Thankfully she wasn't on long. I thought I would have to drag myself out of my comfy chair and find something else to do. I could have used the remote control to change the channel but that would have reminded me of what I was doing; watching morning TV.

Please don't let me get to the extreme point of watching soap operas. I must find something better to do with this time. I'm actually looking forward to surgery; pain that comes with it will be alright. At least there is a future where I'm not watching the tube!

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  1. While waiting for Kat to come out of surgery I tried watching the View. Couldn't do it. Much too painful.

    I'd like to buy Coulter for what she's worth and sell her for what she thinks she's worth. Ditto on Hannity and O'Reilly. Especially Hannity.


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