Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, Football Sunday

It's 4AM and I'm up and it looks like I'm up for the day. At least it's not 2:30AM. I lazed around a lot yesterday. I slept on and off most of the afternoon and was still sleepy when 10PM rolled around. I must be catching up on lost nap times.

Carrie is visiting her father and has been there since last Thursday. It's quiet around here and everyday a nap is in order, something I don't do when she is here.

I had to look on Google to see when Mardi Gras happens this year. February 24th is Fat Tuesday. I'll be keeping a low profile this year I'm thinking.

I've been watching all the weather reports for the north east. Snow and more snow followed by cold and more cold. I'm glad I'm here. A little chill is great; a big chill not so much!

Sunday football! Sometimes I watch the games and sometimes I'll find something better to entertain myself with. This is one of those times I'm not interested in the games playing this weekend. I'm
uninstalling all the trash on this new laptop. I just uninstalled Norton Anti Virus; it's a trial for 60 days. I got rid of it and installed Avast. Had to find a version of it that is compatible with Vista. I think I have all the junk out of this laptop now.

I also downloaded
Firefox3.0. I had it on my last laptop although I don't on the house computer. I think it's more secure then IE; at least that is the information circling the internet world.

To be safe on anything I download, I always check with
CNET. If they recommend it, that's what I go with. Another site I trust is I get the pop up blockers from there and speaking of that, I didn't download one yet. Aways something! I guess that is my next task, then I will truly be done?

Hubby bought a knee
stablizer today; for me not him. I know you knew that! A new and improved model; one that is a little different from the others I have. I clamped it around my knee and I parked the cane; I'll test drive this stablizer. I think if I have to use that cane it will have to be decorated a bit. A dull aluminum look in a cane is just too orthopedic for me. Maybe a little paint and stickers? How about adding a few gaudy rhinestones to it?

I think it's time for me to hobble to the kitchen and fix some lunch. Happy Sunday to everyone. other thing..I have edited this damn blog 5 times for the errors I see AFTER I post it. If there is another be it. I'm DONE..DONE..DONE!


  1. I'd opt for a nice, hand carved wooden cane.

  2. Skipping Mardi Gras??? That's a local sin! :) Hope your knee gets straight soon.


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