Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hitting Home

Poor Blaggo. It was embarrassing to watch him today giving his closing argument. He stressed many times all the good things he had done while in office. How many good deeds can be traded for a bad deed? Two goods equal selling the senators seat. Ok. We're even. One good deal covers the 1 ghosting? That's the way it appeared to me today watching him. 59 votes against him? A clean sweep and I use that word "clean" loosely, and we still have the criminal trial to endure. Ah, politics. How boring our lives would be without the antics of our government who so generously supplies to us all this entertainment.

Now to our economy here in S.W. Louisiana. The layoffs are starting. Dwindling oilfield jobs. The weekly and monthly sweeps have started. I've heard of one layoff today. Not one person, but one company laid off. I'm sure there are others that I haven't heard about. Each week and monthly the jobs will be sliced. We are going to catch up to the rest of the nation now.
I'm still watching.

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