Wednesday, January 14, 2009

San Antonio

Seven hours later and we are in San Antonio. Hubby had to go to Dilly, Texas for a spud meeting so Carrie and I decided to ride along. Since there are no motels in Dilly, we decided to get a room here in San Antonio and tomorrow he will drive 70 miles to Dilly for his meeting. Carrie and I will hang out here at the motel until he returns. We will go to the River Walk and the Alamo when he gets back here.

This is just a "get out of town" trip for Carrie and I. We plan on spending two nights here.

We were hesitant about putting Carrie in a car seat for a 7 hour drive but she did well. This is her first trip with us. Her mother requested she not be in an adventure while with me. I told her I would do my best.

Daughter gets nervous with my trips. I used to rent a motel room in the town I live in during summer months: a weekend rental.The motel was rented for the pool facilities. I would load up the two other grandchildren, this was pre-Carrie, and we would spend the weekend in town at the motel with a pool. On one of these weekend pool fests, we were exhausted after spending all day in the pool and the hot sun. I got the kids dinner and a bath and into their pajamas. We were laying around on the beds watching TV; everyone was sun exhausted and sleepy eyed. Suddenly we heard what sounded like an explosion and the definite sound of breaking glass. I grabbed the kids and dragged them off the bed and to the floor.

Leaving the kids on the floor, I crawled across the floor and eased the door open. Men with black masks, chest guards and big guns were standing in the walkway. The door to the right of us had been battered open and more of those men were prowling that room. They had shattered the big plate glass window into the room. Glass was glittering on that walkway. Turns out they had been watching the people that rented that room for months and this was a drug bust. The kids were scared; I was shaken. It took a few hours for all to calm down enough to go to sleep.
By morning the once full parking lot the night before was empty. We went to the restaurant for breakfast and the staff told us most of the people staying there had checked out immediately after the area was cleared. We are striving for a no adventure trip here. Daughter gets nervous about those adventures!

Uneventful trip so far. She slept for a couple of hours; the remainder of the trip she sang, danced and played games. There was no whining or crying. She travels great.

This is her first stay in a motel. When we got to the hotel, she checked out the lobby, spotted the computer and immediately wanted to use the "compooter". I told her we would use my laptop in the room. We got into the room and she was amazed. Two beds! She raced around checking out everything about the room then pronounced "I like it here !"

I have her in a nice warm tub. Soon it will be lights out and tomorrow we will be busy sight seeing. Right now I need a nice hot shower and a good 6 hrs of sleep.
Till tomorrow....

She is still asleep and hopefully will stay in just that position until I get showered and dressed.

We checked into the schedule for Sea World thinking she would enjoy that but it's closed for the season. We'd do the River Walk with her this afternoon. It's supposed to be in the upper '60's.

I'm off to get a nice hot shower!

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  1. The sleeping baby picture is precious! Hope you have a trip full of great memories.


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