Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome Alex?

It seems that another season of hurricanes is upon us and Alex is the first one to enter the Gulf which means we are in it's range or would have been had it not turned to the west. Alex is predicted to come on land in Mexico or south of Padre Island and Houston is predicted to get up to 60mph winds. Here in Lafayette we have flash flood warnings in place with six inches of rain predicted. Right now we are in a soft drizzle of rain with periods of heavier rains minus any wind. Landfall should be within the next few hours; I should have been watching the weather channel for a better time status on it.
(continued the next morning)

I started this post last evening and since then, Alex came ashore and the outer bands of heavy rain must have came in farther west then where we are. We didn't get torrential downfalls nor flooding and I'm not complaining. Flood warnings are still in force along with predictions for more rain. I'm watching the weather channel for this area and rain is forecast for the next 7 days. High waters may still be in our future.

The husband is now on day 4 of his "quit". He tells me he didn't quit. He says that is what I say and what I call it. He says he never said he was quitting and that sounds to me like a segue into another pack of smokes. Let's hope not. Staying "quit" is the tough part of all this and while I didn't and don't  find it excruciating, knowing that a craving would come and go quickly helps to get through it. For me, making it through that occasional want/crave is a matter of seconds. It's almost like a brain tickle and then it is gone.  I know what it is and know that is will pass and that "knowing" part is what keeps me on this path. I also marvel at how much time passes now without me ever giving a thought to having one. I'm amazed that days can go by now without having that "brain tickle" and for that I'm grateful.

I'm off here to get myself another cup of coffee and wait on the daughter to call. She took Carrie to the doctor yesterday to get a referral to a ENT doctor to look at her tonsils. Depending on how long it will take to schedule surgery, it looks as though Carrie will be on a diet of cold drinks and ice cream soon. Poor baby, she has tonsils so big her throat is almost occluded and that's when they are NOT infected. This also causes her to have sleep apnea. She has periods of not being able to breath while sleeping and will jerk herself awake throughout the night. It's time to have this done.

I'm off here to get another cup of coffee and a shower.

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