Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Day After

Of course today's post will be a report on Ted and Carrie's condition. They are lethargic and spending a lot of time sleeping. Carrie is not her usual perky self when awake. She is listless and the only thing she has had to eat today has been popsicles. My first attempt at giving her the liquid Lortab caused many tears to fall. Though she was in pain and crying, she still resisted. After taking the medicine, the pain was relieved and she understood that it was the medicine that helped so four hours later when the Lortab was due again, she took it with far less drama. As her eyelids drooped, her words slurred and she stretched out beside me on the bed to await her mother's arrival. Occasionally she would rub her face and neck saying "It's the medicine that makes me itch." I still find it amazing that a four year old comprehends, reasons and understands such things.

I peeked down her throat with a small flashlight. Ringed around the area of the missing tonsils, the flesh is white. Laser burned. No bleeding noted. Her voice sounds tight; a cartoonish duck like speech.  Apparently her brother sounds the same. She enjoyed a cool bath and had her hair shampooed before she left for her home. I'll go pick her up again tomorrow to spend the day here. She is healing nicely and in a few more days, she will be back to her active self.
I'm done for today. It's Ambien time for me and soon I will be as "loopy" as Carrie on her Lortab.

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