Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th Of July

Day 7 OR the 4th of July. Either way, it's all about excitement. Day 7 is another smoke free day here at Casa HotNsticky. It has been a full week smoke free for the husband so I'll quit with the counting for a while and just keep my fingers crossed. I'll update you should the status of smoke free people here change any at all. ....just sayin'...

 I'm  the only one up and about at this hour. No traffic sounds though the sound of a fire truck blaring it's way down Pinhook could be faintly heard a few minutes ago. The tapping of my fingers on the keyboard and the hum of the computer is the only things I hear. Blissfully quiet for just a little while.

We did stroll the Jockey Lot yesterday but only for a very short while. I wasn't interested in finding any more junk to bring into this house. We left there and headed for the Best Stop in Scott for some cracklins and boudin balls. Yum stuff! As usual, that little store was hoppin. The parking lot was full and inside the store was a jumble of people buying boudin links, cracklins and andouille.

Another day of nothing planned though we plan on picking up some baby back ribs and grilling them a little later. Ribs and potato salad sounds like a summer Sunday?


  1. Sounds good...and well done to the quitters. I've no idea what these things are that you mention: boudin links, cracklins and andouille?
    Do tell me...they sound interesting!

  2. Ayak: especially for you. A Website describing boudin and a recipe for it.

    Cracklins are pork skins that are deep fried and hotly seasoned.
    Andouille is a seasoned dried pork. It is usually used to season beans...gumbo or other dishes of the Cajun variety.


    CRACKLINS...they are now 11.00 a pound here at The Best Stop.


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