Wednesday, June 30, 2010

72 Hours Down

It's been 3 days on the husband's "quit". Calm and collected, he grabs a cup of coffee and heads for the patio where he doesn't light a cigarette. He is coping well or appears to be. When I bring it up, he states "I'm not bothered. What's the big deal?" and to this I smile and nod and move on to something else.

As I sit here on the sofa I can view the front yard from the long window placed to the left of me. The green of the yard almost hurts the eye. We have had rain for the past two days, a spin off from that offshore storm I'm sure, and the rain has brightened up the trees and grass. The humidity has also shot straight up the scale if there were one for humidity. I'm sure there is some measurement used though I'm not in the know on what that would be.

Carrie visited yesterday while her mother went to the gym. It's just amazing to follow her train of thought. She mentions something seemingly unimportant and the husband starts asking her questions about what she has just said. He always agrees with whatever she says which just encourages her to open up more. He has a way with her that she trusts and her conversations with him are always worth a listen. She expands on her thoughts and if not for the way he talks with her, we would never get to hear these pearls of thought. I used to worry about her imaginary friends and if she might be a tad schizo but she hastens to correct me when I go too far with her imaginary friends and will use the phrase "in real life" to denote that she is now talking about real things and wants me to be aware.

I'm appropriately coffeed up now and since I'm already typing this from the office(I've since moved from the sofa where I started this blog, to the office), I think this is where I will make a dent into organizing and pitching stuff and doing some cleaning.

And as Nancy Grace (that twit whom I used to like watching and now don't) would say, Goodbye Friend (gagging as I sail out of here).

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