Monday, July 12, 2010

It's 4AM; It's 89 degrees

How can that be? The high today is supposed to be 93. That's not a big jump from where it is right now and the sun isn't even up yet. Though it will be another hot day, it still hasn't been as miserable as the north eastern states and that's just abnormal.

I have my yearly gyn appointment today and that's always something I look forward to with relish. Not really relish. Who takes relish to a gyn exam? I do think I should be invited to dinner and drinks if that man gets to get that intimate with me. I've always wondered what he and his wife discuss when he returns home from work after a big day of exams and delivering babies. Maybe she has learned not to even ask how his day went? I have often wondered what I would say to him should I run into him at, shall we say, a nice restaurant or at the grocery store. Would he even recognize me? Hasn't happened though it has been something that I have thought about each year when it's  time again; time to visit his office and relinquish my clothes for that horrid gown and the stirrups that aren't attached to a saddle, if you get my drift.

I have an early appointment as I like to get distasteful activities finished early in the day. I'll have it behind me for most of the day instead of something I have to confront and anticipate all day long.
A shower and I'm gone!


  1. Any place that hits -50 can't be described as heaven.

    It is 2340 hours. The temp is 66.


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