Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Cold Idea

Soft, white, thick and noiseless, it appears like confectioners sugar, covering the bright green grass and grey concrete. Barefoot, we step outside to bury our feet in the coolness.  The hair on our arms rise up on the goose flesh from the chilly air.

I haven't lost my mind, and no, it isn't snowing here though if wishes were horses I would own the biggest quarter horse stables in Kentucky. I can dream and if I dreamt that first paragraph, I would try to stay in that dream.

I'm not tolerating this weather well and it wouldn't help if I was "up north". Up north is as hot as it is here. It's that non existent "global warming" that the conservatives are in big denial on. All the weird storms in the Midwest causing flooding this summer, tornadoes, record breaking heat in the summer and the long overly cold winters might be a clue that the ozone might be protesting pollutants.

I'm going to the farmers' market in search of some fresh green beans. It's the big plus side to having to endure this heat. Fresh vegetables and fruits!

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