Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Saturday

Let me begin this by saying "Day 6"!!!! Yep, it's another day of the husband's abstinence from smoking. He still mentions it but I offer a little praise on how well he is doing and list all the benefits of being smoke free; money being one of them and to that he says "I can afford it" so I switch tactics and talk about the health benefits and the freedom of being addiction free. I don't know how long he will continue to deny himself; I doubt that he wants to quit bad enough to not ever pick up a pack of Camel's again.  He didn't  head for the patio  with a cup of coffee this morning. He didn't even want coffee this morning. He says it tastes "nasty" and so does beer. I'll just be standing by.

Another overcast day with humidity dripping from the trees and causing a hazy cloud of air to breathe. The mist is  so heavy it falls to the concrete patio and moistens everything it touches. Ah, lovely Louisiana in the summer and I'm wishing I were in Colorado for the next few months. Please, can't I go some where that cools off in the evening hours? The high plains requires a jacket and jeans after the sun goes down and that is where I would like to spend the rest of these summer months.

I want to get showered and out of the house today. I didn't leave the house yesterday. I didn't even get dressed but lounged around in pajamas after my shower.

We are going Road Daying (as they say around here) meaning "car riding" which is another thing they say here. "They" being the natives. Maybe we will go to the Jockey Lot which is a big outdoor market and stroll the aisles. Scratch that idea. I forgot about the heat and humidity and being the big boo baby that I am on that subject, the air conditioned truck and stores sounds like a better idea.
I'm gone..........

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  1. Not much better than a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and a Hershey bar.


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