Friday, July 9, 2010


Remember these? No fancy gears, sprockets or chains on these babies. If it was old and beaten down and a boy's model, it would look like the bike my older brother had when he was a child. We had to beg him to let us give her a spin. We lived in the country so the bike was ridden down a gravel road and the road rash acquired when we took a tumble left us with pebbles embedded in our skin. Kids were tough back then. If we had complained, the bike would have been taken away and we all knew to endure and move on.

I visited my neighbor Pat yesterday and in the course of conversation, she mentioned the Schwinn Cruiser she had bought a few years ago and that it was stored in her shed. I took a look and told her I would be back soon and borrow it so I could begin riding. I'm "storing" it for her here until further notice. This morning I walked to her house, removed it from the corner of her shed and aired the tires up. I "cruised" home on it. I didn't know if my knee would flex enough to pedal it. Not only did my knee flex enough, but the seat was comfortable too. Ya gotta love those big fat seats.

I want to set a schedule for early mornings and late evenings to ride around the neighborhood. This will hopefully build up the muscles in my legs; a rehab ride. I have a stationery bike but I never use it. I can't stand anything boring and sitting on that bike to no where is just that. I would prefer some excitement; dogs chasing me, dodging cars and joggers sounds much more entertaining.

This afternoon when it cools off, I will be taking the Cruiser cruising. I hope I make it more then two blocks.


  1. I love that cruiser and want one for myself. It does look like the ones we rode as kids. I may need to borow one too, to see if my knee and ankle can handle it. Let me know how it goes.

  2. Joan: My worry was that my knee couldn't flex enough when the pedal reached it's peak arc; no problems though. I can pedal it. I'm working up from short little rides to longer journeys and am doing fine.


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