Thursday, July 1, 2010

OMG, Another Quitter?

Yes folks, there you have it. Another quitter. The daughters S.O. (significant other) has made the decision to quit once again. He is a repeat offender or, shall we say, a repeat quitter. Apparently that one cigarette he fondled after his quit of three years did him in. He was once again a smoker but now has decided to give it another try. This day marks his first day of abstaining and from what the daughter says, it isn't pretty. He has even made the comment that "maybe it's not time yet" in regards to the jitters and jangling nerves he is experiencing. He may not last the day and the daughter is giving him plenty of room to jingle and jangle with those nerves. I'll keep you updated and will report any unusual activities such as finding him gnawing on table legs or whimpering in a corner while trying to get a pack of smokes open. I don't envy him these first three days.

The husband is still smoke free. Every time I leave the house he calls me over before I leave to request I pick him up a pack of Camels, light please. I just smile and nod at him and ignore his requests. He has a vehicle; he has money. He will have to make that trip himself but I really don't think he wants to but does enjoy needling me about it.

The temperatures are in the mid 80's with the occasional rain shower and this is to be the forecast for the next 7 days. I was so looking forward to cooler days but now I must rethink that wish. The humidity is horrible now. My hair indicator shows frizz and fluff with multiple chance of curly tendrils for the next 7 days. Clothes are sticky and moist and difficult to wear with any sort of style. Going nude is not an option but staying home is and that's where I will be hiding.

I accompanied Ted, Carrie and the daughter to the ENT appointment today and they are both scheduled to have their tonsils removed on the 21st of July. Carrie won't remember this event but Ted will and it won't be a pleasant memory of ice cream and cold drinks. He will be sore and uncomfortable. We shouldn't have waited so long to have this done for him.

Spaghetti and garlic bread is on the menu for tonight. The husband is cooking up a peach cobbler as we type. I'm so glad we are NOT eating out tonight. Last night we went to The Golden Corral for dinner and I instructed my husband to deny my requests to ever go there again. The food was horrible. Nuf said.

I'm off here to watch some television and let the a/c dry off my sticky body.

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