Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tea Time

I'm not the only one enveloped in the heat? I'm watching the weather channel and listening to all the warnings in the north east on this heat wave. It's not just the south that is hot and humid and miserable. Right now it is raining and the thunder can be heard grumbling in the distance. It's summer. Should I expect any less then the heat and humidity? Another 3 months of this and fall will arrive but before then, hurricanes will be a threat to survive. I need to appreciate the weather I have now and realize what could be. Yes, it's hot and humid but I have electricity. Not so with hurricanes. Then I'm hot and humid and have no electricity so I guess we don't have it so bad right now.

Carrie came to visit after her trip to Lydia. She was happy to be here with us and to celebrate, I gathered up a tray, a teapot and some teacups and saucers. The look on her face was priceless when I walked into the room posing as a servant and serving the mistress her "tea". She giggled. She reached for the floral teapot and I showed her how to hold the lid on with one hand while she poured with the other. The floral sugar bowl with the lid had chocolate Nestle's Quik in it and a spoon rested on the floral saucer that held the small floral teacup. She delicately dipped the spoon into the chocolate and deposited it into the teacup where she stirred it with the milk and before taking up the teacup, she placed the lid back on the "sugar bowl" as a proper young lady would do. Taking a sip of her "tea" she held the cup in one hand and used the back of her other hand to wipe the "milk" off her lip and smear it on her shirt front. A little more training in using her napkin might be needed?

She enjoyed her little tea party and wants to recreate it for her friend, Ms. Dee, next door.I've promised her to invite Ms. Dee tomorrow to a tea party where she will be the hostess. Little girls are so much fun!

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