Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here and There

Yesterday was a day that can only be described as "sporadic". Quick stops, quick starts with no prescribed destinations that weren't spontaneous.

I was happy to be back home though 1900 hrs was late for me to be home after a day of going from stores to friends houses and back to those same two destinations over again. I'm tellin you, it was a day of disorganization.

I was more then ready to get something to eat and find my bed. I started on some new medicines yesterday to see if it would help with the sinus stuff I seem to have that is messin with my ears. That and a flexeril was enough to place me in bed early.

This morning is almost not HOT; I'm  heading for the little house to get the lawn tractor and race around the grass on the back yard. Maybe I can get it done without sweating thereby causing a water saving technique called "not bathing" and with all this rainless hot weather, we all should be conserving.

Note: two things I can't tolerate. The heat and no bathring.

I'm outta here to mow!

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  1. The heat is getting to me too...It's really not the time to be dashing here and there is it?

    Well done on mowing though...I wouldn't be able to manage anything as strenuous as this!


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