Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Hot Cruiser

My neighbor called me yesterday with an invitation. She was babysitting her two nieces and since they were close in age to Carrie, she invited Carrie over to  spend the afternoon. Dee recovered from the attic some of her grown daughters toys and moved them to the rug in the living room where the girls promptly spread them over the floor and enjoyed a feast of different things from a doll house, to Barbies to plastic cars. Carrie had a great time, played nicely and was exhausted by days' end. Right before her play time was over, Dee loaded all three into her car and they made a visit to the park to swing and feed the ducks. When they got back I called and had them come over for snow cones; they were allowed to use the little snow cone maker and grind their own ice and add their choice of flavoring. A good time was had by all. Carrie could barely keep her eyes open and barely made it through her supper. That was yesterday. Today she is on her way to visit her father and spend the night. I didn't do much cruisin' yesterday but early this morning I bought the green machine down off her kickstand and went for a spin. My "spins' are short right now. Just a few blocks to give the legs a chance to work some kinks and cramps out and the heat here leaves me with sweat soaked hair and clothes in just the short amount of time that I am taking this little ride.

How I wish it were fall! There I go wishing my life away again, and though this summer is flying right by, I can't help but wish for days when I could be outside all day in a light sweater and jeans.

I'm going to look for a place to get a haircut. Maybe getting sheared will make for a cooler me.

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