Friday, July 2, 2010

Speculations or Mitochondrial Eve

god (it is not an error in spelling that I don't capitalize that word) is in my opinion a gay black female. I figure it this way. A gay black female would cover most of the judgemental, small minded, bigoted people I have met in this life time. She is probably overweight and not a particularly beautiful woman by the standards we set for females. I think that about covers it don't you?

Wouldn't that scare the bejesus out of most people you know to have god be a obese, ugly, black lesbian female? Where would that leave most "true believers". Wouldn't they have to take stock of their beliefs and do some rearranging?

First, all those obese jokes would have to be nixed. Prejudice would definitely be unwise in color and gender. Just thinking about this makes me roll over the list of people I have met in  this life and tick them off the mental list of "who takes the train lane to heaven". The list shrinks quickly to a few liberal minded and that list is short. 

I remember the cover of a Newsweek magazine a few years ago. The light black couple on the front of the magazine were just below the heading that stated "The Search For Adam and Eve". The narrator states  that the cover picture was misleading as Adam and Eve would have been dark black instead of light black. Some where in the bible, he says, is a few lines that describe god  and he says "his hair was like Brillo, his skin the color of burnt copper". 

I've never taken the time to find this source and since I shy away from anything that looks like a church, I have never questioned this from any religious leader. I have wished that I had kept a copy of that Newsweek magazine for my coffee table. Can you imagine the fear on faces of people when they realize that not only god might be black but that the same blood cruises through their veins? This causes me to smile largely.


  1. To capitalize or not capitalize is a personal choice; however, it should always be capitalized when used to begin a sentence. :-) I always smile when people limit God to human standards and prejudice, or when they use the notion of God's will to exclude ideas or individuals. Ah, the joys of free will and human folly! I find comfort in seeing various images of Christ and how he (some folks use caps here too)tends to reflect the race or culture of the family who resides there. I think it's as it should be. Hope you're well. I enjoy your writing.

  2. I've had enough English classes to know to capitalize at the start of a sentence. Call it artistic liscene to choose to start that sentence with a small "g". Free will, bless em all huh?
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I misspelled "license"??? silly me.

  4. Excellent post Charlotte feelings exactly!


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