Monday, July 19, 2010


It must have been my turn to be in the kitchen. Granted, it has been a while since I rattled the pans or flipped on a burner on that stove so since the husband had been out in the yard doing the work of gardening, I reluctantly approached the stove with my culinary skills which usually are lacking in any imagination when it comes to cooking. Breaded pork steaks, cheesy potatoes, corn on the cob and biscuits whipped up in less then an hour, 20 minutes to clean up the kitchen afterwards and I was back out of the place I least desire to enter. I can't complain about the drudgery of cooking this meal. After all, I had the small TV on the counter top tuned to a movie I had been watching in the living room so between cutting, chopping and stirring, I never missed a scene of that movie. 

Personally, I think summer is an excellent time for cold salads and cold sandwiches, some jello and iced tea. I only need a refrigerator. We could disconnect the stove and wait for winter to reconnect it. Summer time should be a matter of opening the fridge door, selecting the cold colds and condiments and of course it's up to each person to maintain his own food selection and preparation. It's summer after all. It's hot. Eat light. Eat cold and eat out whenever possible. 

Carrie comes home today along with her brother and her mother. I'm excited. It seems that when she is actually out of town and not within that 3/4 mile area from my house where she lives, I become anxious and miss being able to call and dash over to pick her up and bring her back to my house. It's all about availability it seems. It's never boring when Carrie is around and for this I'm grateful.

I'll be pouring myself that second cup of coffee and catching up on the news and then I'm going to dig out my sewing machine, some fabric and make a table cloth. I think. It sounds like a good idea. Let's see now if I follow through as I haven't done any sewing for years. I used to enjoy covering chairs, ottomans, and making throw pillows and other fix its/decorating items. It might be time for me to try to get in touch with my domestic side again.

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