Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dr. Baronne, Lafayette, La.

After thinking long and hard about this, I've decided to pay the doctor so today I wrote a check and mailed it along with this letter. I'm very disappointed in this physician's behavior:

Dr. Baronne:

This is payment in full for services that were not covered by insurance.

I sat in your waiting room and noted the patients there in fract boots (not cam walkers), in splints and in the knee scooters, all supplied by your office at highly inflated prices. All these items can be ordered online for a fraction of what are being charged to these patients and their insurance companies. Sadly, patients trust their doctors and do as told without questioning whether they really need that 595.00 boot for a bone spur removed on their little toe or for that bunion that was removed.

The splint that you made sure your staff had me sign for in the event my insurance denied payment and which I was assured by your P.A. that a letter would be written to my insurance company verifying the necessity of this and it would PROBABLY be paid was in fact a lie. No letter was written and your staff from the office staff to the P.A. knew this wouldn't be covered. This splint cost 56.00 online; I was charged 345.00 for it.

The fract boot (which I supplied) had I accepted it from your office would have been charged to me for 595.00 but online the same boot costs 85.00. I couldn't justify wearing that boot. It is a boot for fractures to immobilize. I was told to use a band behind my toes and exert pressure to do flexion and extension exercises 6 wks. post op. Why would I then be ordered a fract boot to wear? Is it the 595.00 sale?

The knee walker you charge your patients 800.00 for can be purchased online for 1/2 that amount or rented for a much more reasonable amount. Why do you deny them using a wheelchair? Most of these people could borrow a wheelchair for the short time needed. I borrowed a wheelchair for the times I had to get up from lying down with my foot elevated above my heart as ordered. I borrowed that wheel chair and thankfully I did because you would have charged 800.00 for the knee scooter you were recommending and supplied by your office. Your side business and your outrageous prices are disgraceful and could be described as a conflict of interest.

I have placed notices on the web and about town on every bulletin board I can find notifying everyone of my experiences and of the better deals they can find online should they find themselves in need of splints, boots and knee strollers. I won't recommend you to anyone I know and finding someone that plans on visiting you, I will let them know what to expect.

I have found out from much research on the web, that the podiatry profession is well known for this behavior.
I will use an orthopaedic surgeon should I need any further attention.

You can do searches on the net for other suppliers. This is just an  Example of options: Jansen Medical Supplies/Houston,Tx.

The Body Armor Walker does it all; engineered for orthopedic and sports medicine benefits. In addition to consisitent compression, it also provides a custom insole system for pressure relief.
Special Features:
•Locking clips assure an exact fit, while side channels hold straps in place.
•Multi-density insoles may be customized for offloading ulcers, fractures and pressure points
•Rocker sole assists patient through gait pattern.
•Breathable built in liner
•Flexible upper with built in liner allows easy access.
NOTE: Because of hygiene reasons, this item is not returnable.
Price: 87.00

Market price: $69.99

Our price: $56.70

save 19%
This  doctor charged me 345.00 for this splint!


  1. If you are going to use this doctor..tell him you will supply your own apparatus. Please don't take if ro granted that your insurance company will pay for this no matter what his office staff tell you!
    You can get any of the required items you need offline..and the one I used ships from Dallas, Tx. and it arrives within a day or two!


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