Friday, July 16, 2010

Success! The first attempt at making one of these left it cracked in half when it was removed from it's mold. This one the husband did and he used a strainer to take all the rocks out of the rediMix. We should have bought Quickrete and we wouldn't have had to do any straining of rocks but it won't go to waste. We will strain the mix stuff and make a few more of them and hopefully they won't fall apart. Carrie is bringing some sea shells from her trip to Destin which we will use.

And now far removed from our little project is pictures of bigger projects in the area. Excessive much?
A close up of the details on the front of this house. If you click on the above picture, you can see the angels across the front.
And yet another monstrosity:
and there are still bigger McMansions in that neighborhood. Occasionally we drive over to this area to watch the progress on the house that is equivalent to a Ramada Inn and if not for the zoning I would swear it was a hotel.
It's fun to look.

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