Sunday, July 11, 2010

Have I Mentioned?

It's a bit warm today, she says as sweat drips onto the keyboard making typing this a slippery chore.

I went shopping. I know the air conditioning must have failed in the store. Now, I don't expect to drip sweat while looking for ways to relieve myself of some money. What's up with hot stores? I found a pair of Sketcher's sandal/flipflop like shoes. The ones that are supposed to give you a workout and actually, I think that is what they named them.  "They" being those oh so bright marketing geniuses at the Sketcher company. The soles are nice and thick and walking in them takes a few minutes of acclimating to the squishy feeling when you step. Odd feeling but they do have thick soles and that was my aim in buying them. I really don't think they will make my butt look better (seriously, that's what they advertise) but I'm hoping the thick soles will provide the cushion my feet crave.

I'm fearful that I may have another bone spur  in the bottom of my heal on my left foot. I'm going to do some exercises to stretch the tendon in the bottom of that foot and wear a night splint before I get geared up for another surgery. Who knew feet could be such a problem?

It's a lazy Sunday, it's hot and everybody must be hiding out in their houses. When it gets too hot to grill out, you know it's hot. I feel a nap coming on.

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