Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekend Thriller

I might be all blogged out after yesterday's posts. Thankfully, blogging is free because if I had to pay to post these worthless words, I would have to wait until I had something really important to share. Maybe that's not the right attitude to have when it comes to cluttering up the web with my inane comments but here goes.

The husband remains smoke free and it is now Day 5. I called the daughter last night to see how S.O. was doing and he was still hanging in there. He continues to whine and moan but he isn't doing anything really bizarre and she is offering much verbal support.

Yesterday I made another trip to the open air market for more fresh vegetables. The green beans are on sale and I know you are waiting to hear the price. 59 cents a pound so I bought a truck load. Well...maybe NOT a truckload but enought to fill a huge pot. This is the third trip for the green beans and this is the best thing about summer here. The fresh vegetables that are available could almost make me a vegetarian for the summer season. I bought some yellow squash too that I saute until tender and then add an egg that has been wisked up and scrambled with the squash; a yummy breakfast. A fresh pineapple has been sliced and diced and rests in a bowl in the fridge for snacking along with watermelon and cantalope and both were ripe and sweet. Nothing worse then a fruit that has a bland taste and was picked too green.

The weekend is upon us and I don't have a darn thing planned for this holiday celebration. Grilling out will be the height of our celebrating which really can't be counted as we do that most of the summer. Maybe I can talk the husband into a movie? Now that he isn't a smoker, he might enjoy an atmosphere that frowns on smoking. It was much easier for me to sit through a movie at the theatre after I quit smoking. There was no need to leave the theatre and miss critical moments of the film to stroll outside for a smoke.

I may wait to post this in the event that something awesome and newsworthy may skitter into my life it. I'm thinking this is it, as MK Jackson announced and for him, IT WAS! 

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