Friday, July 23, 2010

All Done?

An ending to her marriage is being contemplated. Continuing from the story of a few days past, she has decided to end the  tale that was her marriage. She spoke to a paralegal and as soon as she scrapes up 1000.00, she will start divorce proceedings. Depending on how soon she can get the money, an official ending could be available by the last of October; sometime around Halloween. I shied away from the obvious thought following the date of this divorce.

He contacted their daughter last night. She told him she was angry and his reply "I thought you would be over it by now." She replied "You just don't "get it'.

A compulsive liar doesn't see the damage caused by living a lie? Apparently not as this man thought his family should be "over it" and when questioned about other things he gives an answer and then seeing the expressions on their faces he taunts "What, you don't believe me???" or "Why ask? You're not going to believe me anyway."  No remorse or regrets or even owning that lying to his wife all these years was wrong, he has made requests for one of the vehicles so he won't have to ride the bus. This vehicle was to be used by his daughter to get to her job and should she be able to borrow money, she will be going to school. There is no help from Veterans Administration for her as he didn't serve enough "active duty".

Have you watched the "Lifetime Channel"? Stories like this one you might encounter on that channel. Who woulda thought, though those stories claim to be true, and that they really are.

I take a renewed look around my neighborhood, and friends  and within my family unit and there I find more  members that would qualify for a one hour debut on the "Lifetime Channel.

We see what we want to see; we believe what we need to believe. Maybe being in the center with your life whirling around you, the big picture remains elusive. The stories spun for you are something you accept; no questions asked and when the story proves false and is replaced by yet another story to explain and convince you willingly accept that story too. Who's to blame. The liars or the person that consistently accepts and never confronts the liar. Maybe the confrontation would be more painful then knowing the truths? We believe what we need to believe; we bury the niggling doubts deep and we quit digging for truth when one of the "stories" doesn't mesh with what we "know". Coping. Self preservation.
Hopefully, the truths won't ever rise up directly in your face  to make it impossible to side step around them and continue with your life. 

We do what we have to to maintain our comfort.

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