Thursday, July 15, 2010

Too Hot for Gumbo

I made a giant pot anyway. Even the sausage that I used in it was hot and spicy. I cooked the roux for hours and hours and finally added the chicken and sausage and cooked it for another hour and it was perfect. I poured most of it in a tall plastic container and delivered it to the daughter when I took Carrie home. The daughter will make some rice and potato salad to go with it.

The husband's job completed and he made it safely home. Since he may have a break before another assignment, we are talking about a trip north. The Outer Banks was a trip we did a few years ago and I would like to do it again.

Right now, I sip on my coffee and wave an arm out the door to check the temperature. I'm sure we didn't have a cold front that stalled over this pit of steam. I have to say, it hasn't been humid but it has been hot so I should be thankful for this little respite from the humidity. I haven't done a lap on my bicycle for days now. Maybe I'm over it? No, I'm waiting for cooler weather.

I need 60 lbs of Quickrete and maybe I'll pick up a bag today. Carrie and I are going to make some concrete stepping stones with pretty colored glass embedded in them. We found some stones at Hobby Lobby that say "Grandma", Grandpa, etc. so I thought it would be a great Christmas gift for those great grandparents that have everything. They wouldn't have to find a place inside their house for yet another unneeded item but could place this in their yard or garden.

Carrie is excited about the project though she doesn't really understand what we are going to do yet. She does like the colored glass and beads that she will be using. Since the husband is home, this might be a perfect day to get started on this. Watch for pictured updates!
I'm off here to sweat quietly.

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