Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lovely August

Ah, I note this is the last day of July; the last month I truly count as "summer'. August is peeking around the corner; a month that should have it's own seasonal designation. It's not a month that we think of as a "wedding month" as June and July are. What do you think when you think of August. For me, it's certainly NOT with the adjective "lovely" attached to it.

Is there anywhere in the world that August is anticipated with excitement? Isn't it winter somewhere in the world during this month? Maybe in that country August doesn't make a blip on their radar of sweat and humidity scale. Get me a ticket. I want to board that flight and spend it there so I may use the  words "lovely August" in a sentence.

Though August will soon pass as did July, we still have at least two more months afterwards of hot weather. It gets less brutal toward the end of September but by that time we are limp from the summer heat and we have to duck and roll through October.

I'm suddenly wondering when we get licensed to start complaining about the winter months? I don't have a lot of complaints about the winters here in S.W. Louisiana. A light jacket and and a pair of sweat pants; you're good to go. There are even days when you might have to give up your sandals and wear socks and cover your toes with some shoe leather. It passes quickly. The sun returns and the temperatures climb to a happy mid 70's. I'm waiting. 


  1. I can't think of anything interesting about August either. It's just more of the same intense heat here, September starts to cool and October is pleasant.
    I don't mind's easier to wrap up to keep warm than it is to try and stay cool.

  2. October! I want to go on vacation then and somewhere that demands a passport! Now to convince the husband...

  3. Turkey is very nice in early October...I can recommend'll just have to work on the husband!


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