Friday, July 16, 2010

BP, Busted Pipe? Beach Petroleum?

or Bottled Petroleum? The cap or BOP is in place and the oil has stopped flowing into the Gulf. You have heard huh?  A sigh of relief that at least it has been stopped though the cleanup remains huge, no new oil is being released. We are still waiting on the repercussions that may be years in the making.

The daughter, Ted and Carrie are headed for Destin, Florida today. They have a six hour drive in front of them; they will be staying the weekend. Next week Ted and Carrie will have the surgery on tonsils and adenoids so this trip will end their summer fun for a few weeks. This weekend the temps are predicted to be in the mid 80's! A cold front ....almost. It will seem that way to us anyway.

The husband headed for the coffee pot this morning while asking what I wanted to do today. Since I had already checked the outside temperatures by doing my arm wave out the door I replied "nothing!". It's really too hot for a vacation unless I want to head north of the U.S. borders. He, instead, went to his shop and I headed for the store to buy ice cream. It's on sale and what better sale item to buy but some ice cream. I may pour it all in a tub and take a bath in it. Ok, maybe it's not THAT hot. 

I'm thinking about doing a rain dance but that would only end in heat AND humidity. 

Before I really start complaining about the weather, I'll get out of here and be thankful we don't have a hurricane in the Gulf. 


  1. I meant to ask you why Ted and Carrie were having their tonsils removed? I got the impression that this was a family rather than a doctor's decision? It's just that I'd never heard of anyone having tonsils removed if they didn't have problems with them. I know they are useless...and do cause problems, because my daughter had hers removed. I should have had mine removed at 12 years old because of repeated bouts of tonsillitis. I didn't have them removed after all, and they've caused me no problems since. Is it common in the U.S. for people to routinely have them removed?

  2. Carrie's tonsils even when NOT infected close her throat almost completely and she has serious sleep apnea. Ted has had bouts of tonsilitis and he also has big tonsils and sleep apnea.

  3. Thanks for explaining Charlotte Ann. I'm sure they will be glad to be rid of them!


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