Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'M Grounded!

My wings have been clipped. I'm on restriction, time out, on my knees in a corner. Daughter has declared that I have been too lax in monitoring Ms. Carrie since she has been ill and now Ms. Carrie thinks she is a queen and we are her court that must bow down to her when we aren't rushing around to honor her commands.
Daughter said Ms. Carrie needs a reality check; no spoiling today. She must stay home and learn to walk to the refrigerator all by herself to get something to drink; there will be no one now to race around fetching and carrying for her. "After all" says the daughter "she had her tonsils out; she didn't break her leg."

Just yesterday before Carrie went home, I tried to have a little "come to Jesus" talk with her. I warned her that her mother wasn't too inclined to be her servant. I tried to tell her that giving a demand to her mother when she got home might get her into trouble. She just grinned at me; I know she understood what I was saying but she didn't heed my advice. Today when I called the daughter, I found that the husband and I were banned. We had been too good to Carrie which wasn't beneficial to Carrie living amongst other humans, mainly her family. I do believe Carrie must have gotten a little bossy when she returned home which was her downfall.
I have promised the daughter that I will try to be meaner when Ms. Carrie is visiting. I will ignore her requests to me to "hurry it up, I don't have all day" and "I'm the boss, now go".
Her Poppy, the husband, will be harder to retrain I'm afraid. He is a big woose when it comes to Ms. Carrie. Her wish is his command. Silly man. We have not to wonder why she prefers to be with him over everyone else.
I miss you Ms. Carrie. We will sneak off tomorrow..ok?


  1. I hope you don't mind my saying that your daughter sounds terribly ungrateful. You do so much for Carrie, she ought to be thanking you not banning you!

  2. lol..Ayak..
    We do let Carrie get away with too much but I know when her mother gets hold of her, she will straighten her out and I rely upon her to make sure she let's Carrie know there are rules in life to follow and being at her Nana's is a treat and now how REAL LIFE IS! lol...

  3. above post on: "is a treat and NOT how real life is"


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