Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good Morning Wednesday!

I'm sitting here looking at my freshly polished toenails and the view is so much better then yesterday morning when I was looking at the results of Carrie's attempts at a pedicure. I finally got to the Vietnamese ladies for some much needed "me" time. It has been months since my last visit and the bottoms of my feet felt like the ridged back of an alligator. I could walk on hot coals and never feel pain. We're talking some major callous build up on those feet.

My next destination will be for a haircut. That's all the excitement I can scare up around here.

I did walk outside to chat with my neighbor. She and her daughter were doing some early morning yard work and during that minute or two outside, I started feeling sticky and hot, sweat beading and running down my face. Back to the coolness and a shower.

The skies have started  to move the clouds along and the sun has disappeared for a while. Rain is beating down and blowing in sheets across the yard. I stood in my window and watched the lawn service people across the street mow in this downpour and wondered how many lawns she must have lined up to get to today that would cause her to mow in a deluge of rain.

This town seems to be in a holding pattern. It's very quiet lately and I wonder if it's because of the problem in the Gulf. Are all the oil people waiting on the ends of their jobs to finally reach them? The stores aren't doing a booming business and I fear it's because everyone is trying to hang on to what money they have. Usually there are all kinds of service industry jobs but right now it's difficult for the students out of school for the summer to find a job. My neighbor's son has been looking for a month now for a minimum wage job and has come up with nothing. Ted, the grandson hasn't found a job either. This is so unusual for this part of Louisiana. The minimum wage jobs were plentiful as most of the mature workers were offshore working around or on the rigs. Times, be a changin around here.

The elite neighborhood of River Ranch is now flooding the market with houses that are upside down on their mortgages and eyeing the disaster in the Gulf and what it may mean to their income. It's time to cut and run?

I'm watching quietly from the sidelines and keeping a keeping a tight rein on my purse strings.

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