Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Post Op Carrie

I haven't seen Ted post op though I stayed with him until they came for his gurney and wheeled him away and down the hall toward the surgery suite. Carrie was delivered back to us as soon as she was alert enough to be released from the PACU. She remained groggy; slept when no stimulation was supplied to her and within 1/2 hr. after being back in the room, she was loaded into a wheelchair and escorted to my car. The daughter stayed at the hospital awaiting Ted's surgery and PACU stay. We knew it would be a while until he was back so the decision was made to take Carrie to my house where she could be medicated for pain and sleep comfortably instead of waiting in the waiting room for Ted to be ready to come home.

She was carried into the house and deposited on the sofa, barely registering that she was being moved from the car to the house. She took her pain medications without protest and promptly passed out. Covered with a light blanket she remains asleep on the sofa; I'm not far away should she need something. 

Hopefully this surgery, having tonsils and adenoids removed, should cure her sleep apnea. Both she and her brother suffered the same problem and today both of them were relieved of those tonsils.

2100 hrs
I just returned home from delivering Carrie back to her mom's house. She wanted to spend the night at her house and her wish was granted. I gave her a dose of her liquid Lortab; she cried and begged to not take it. I reminded her of the promise she made to take her medicine yesterday. We discussed her surgery and the medicines she would have to take. She nodded and amid the tears, she swallowed and a popsicle was given to clear the taste and sooth the throat. I looked in on Ted while I was there. He denied pain, was watching his televison and looked comfortable. He had just taken his pain medication.
Pic of Ted prior to surgery:

It's done; everyone is mending and for this I'm grateful!

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