Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Storm, Some Seafood, Some Hot and Some Carrie

Another hot day and it seems that the temperatures are determining what I will be doing for the day. Staying inside has been my normal day; it's my only way to beat the heat. Now we are waiting on Tropical Storm Bonnie to make her appearance. She's due in on Tuesday. The Gulf is being emptied of all non essential rig personnel; a typical procedure when a storm is crossing. I spoke with Peg this morning and we were discussing the beaches and the oil leak. I told her the daughter was in Destin,Fla. and the beaches were clean. Same for Fouchon, Grand Isle and most of the water front on the Louisiana coast. We wonder where the media are getting all the information on the beaches that are covered in oil and not suitable for vacationers. Though they may not actually say that vacationers should stay away, many do because of their fears of dirty beaches and water.

It's amazing to think that almost one year ago I was at the beach in Destin, Florida with Ted and Carrie and the crowds were plentiful, the waters an azure blue, soft winds and a warm sun. One year later and the whole beach scene has changed, disrupted and out of order.

The seafood has been declared safe and can again be harvested. Do we feel it's safe? We are skeptical. What about all the chemical dispersants that were sprayed into that water? The seafood I'm the safest with eating is from Delchambre which is on the south western part of Louisiana. 

I fear many residents and visitors will feel the same way; it may take years to restore confidence in the beaches and seafoods.

Carrie just arrived and is seated in front of the television where she is watching Dumbo on CD. She doesn't normally sit still for long but since the surgery she is happy to lay around being less her active self. She just had a dose of Lortab which contributes to her calmness; I'm watching for her to drift off to sleep soon. I'm ready for a nap too.

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