Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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(I don't think this got posted. I was using my laptop and typing it in "Word" where I thought I would be able to copy and paste in my blog. It didn't work but here on this desktop it allows me to transfer it. This was the first day of the Arizona trip. Late I know.)

0330 and I'm awake so I might as well crawl out of bed which is exactly how I do it these days. I'm not complaining as each day I notice a marked improvement in my gait and stance. My surgeon/doctor was impressed with my progress when he examined me yesterday. We looked at the X Ray and he showed me how much bone was removed and how he reshaped my heel, removed the spur and detached and reattached my Achilles Tendon. He did a lot of sawing and said that I was progressed much farther then what is normal for a patient at this stage of the post operative healing time. I neglected to tell him that I pitched that boot and started walking in sneakers 5 weeks ago instead of just the past two weeks. I've been practicing a lot longer then he is aware.

I'm ready to run though I know I won't do that. My knee prevents me from running and running was never a sport I engaged in. It's tough on the knees and the tendons; so was skiing.

As I was saying when I started this blog, I was up early so I tidied up the kitchen and checked my suitcase, packed up my laptop and camera equipment. When the husband awoke and was making coffee, I slid through the shower, got dressed and finished with the hair and makeup. I got a haircut yesterday and sometimes that's not the wisest thing to do right before a trip just in case the haircut was less then a desired result. I never know exactly how it will go until I shampoo and direct the hair dryer and round brush at it. I look tidy. How's that for a glowing testimonial to my new haircut?

We were on the road by 0600 after much checking of the house and luggage and rechecking to make sure the coffee pot was turned off, the trash taken out and all the lights turned off. I left a key with my neighbor just in case I need to have her do something for me. She will do a walk through to check to make sure the water heater in the attic doesn't fall apart and leave the house engulfed in water. I worry. I worry about everything and listening to Ms. K's tales of a trip taken to come home and find her water heater had exploded and water had provided her with an indoor pool doesn't help to relieve any of my worries.

It's raining. Earlier it was REALLY raining and so much so that we pulled off the interstate and sat beneath an overpass till it eased up a bit and that is where we are now in the rain. We can see the highway though it's still raining and foggy. The sky is dark and the clouds are moving forward and not swirling so there isn't a funnel to be seen. I'm watching for them. Have I mentioned that I worry?

We have room reservations at a Holiday Inn in Ft. Stockton, Texas for tonight. Our GPS tells me that we should be there around 1630 this afternoon which will be just in time for some pool time and dinner.

I'm typing this in Word Pad and saving it to transfer to my blog later today when I can get online. I'll never remember by this evening what I wanted to say if I don't do it this way. The husband is driving while I sit here typing away, one eye on the computer and the other on the sky. I take my co pilot duties seriously.

I'm ending this at 0800 and may add more to it later. Adios!

I'm back. Adios? I signed off with Adios? It must be because I'm in Texas. We had a few hours of rain free driving but now it's back with a vengence. The traffic is light and we are out Houston and into the prairie so the rain hasn't affected us much. Within 45 miles we will be in Luling, Texas where we will have lunch. Usually we have barbequed meat at the shed like building there but since we have been eating Luling barbeque for the past two days, we've discussed finding a Tex Mex restaurant for lunch. I need to find a book to read before we leave San Antonio which is west of Luling and the last bit of civilazation. It's many miles and many hours across the barren boring desert without a book to get engrossed in to help pass the time. I've made this trip many times and it's only my fault that I didn't pack a book.

Enchilada Verdes, beans and rice at noon stop in Luling and I have to say, it was just yummy and all for 4.99. It was an authentic Mexican food restaurant where the server spoke Spanish along with most of the patrons. My kinda place for good Mexican food. We have been steadily heading down the highway since lunch and are now about 200 miles from Ft. Stockton which is our destination for today. Surprisingly, the desert is green. Mesquite, sage and Century plants are an intense green which means there has been a lot of spring rains. Soon the landscape will thin out to sand and desert landscape. Gas at the last stop was $2.89 a gallon up from the starting price in Lafayette of $2.57.

I'm looking forward to that stay over in Ft. Stockton. 8hrs of travel is enough for me. At the stops for gas, I slide down from this tall 4 wheel drive truck, give my leg a chance to stretch to full length and by the time I make the trip inside the little store and back to the truck, the leg has loosened up enough to walk without discomfort. Then I'm back in the truck where for the next hours of inactivity, it stiffens up once again. Sitting still for hours on end isn't the best for that leg.

Tonight in Ft. Stockton, I will look for a book for the next 8 or so hours we will be traveling tomorrow.
After our visit to Casa Grande we will go off on a little "vacation" before heading home. We don't know just where that little trip will take us but I wouldn't mind visiting the Grand Canyon again and traveling into the badlands of Utah. Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon and Lake Powell would be within driving range of where we are. I'm sure the husband would rather go to Vegas. We shall see. I sorta like not having any definite plans yet.

Ft. Stockton, Holiday Inn, shoes off and laptop connected. I'm home folks!

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