Sunday, August 1, 2010

It Might Be Time To Report

I just realized that I haven't put to pen and ink a report on the recovery of my heel after the surgery in March.
Though this isn't pen nor ink, some keyboard typing will have to suffice.

As I post these things I know they aren't posts that mean much to anyone else, barely of interest and surely not a literary nugget; it's my memory log. As my grey cells escape with age, I use this space on the net to log and record things such as this update on my heel surgery, should one day I question how long it took to recoup, the stages of healing,etc.
I've found from experience that time compresses; memories of discomfort fade and blogging my heel progress reminds me that it takes time to heal and should I be faced with another surgery, I can refer back to time elements I record on prior surgeries and it helps me to not become anxious or depressed about the healing process.
After all that information, the only thing I need add right now is's right at 5 months post op on my heel and it feels great! There is no pain now and I'm talking about pain from the surgery and incision site. The swelling has decreased tremendously; the incision has healed so well that it is barely noticeable. Occasionally that area tingles a little but nothing uncomfortable. The muscles in my lower leg are still not as strong as they should be but the walking I do has strengthened them a great deal.

The knee from the knee replacement is free of pain or discomfort though some days it still doesn't fully extend which makes for a little "hitch" in my stride. It is a little noticeable; some days it is not there at all. A little stiffness is noted in the mornings until that leg and foot limbers up after a few steps.

Yes, there is improvement. It's time that does all these wonderful improvements; something I need to continuously remind myself.

Another hot day but this day falls on the first day of August. This too shall pass. A little time and October will arrive. October here in the deep south is not a time of leaves on the trees catching gold and orange colors and leaving their anchors on that tree. It's much too warm in October; that is a vision from the northern states for October. For us here in the Gulf, it means nearing the end of hurricane season and the temperatures falling a few degrees but not enough to turn off the air conditioning!

It's time. I'm done recording. My memory blog for today is done.


  1. I suspect your single-minded drive to rehab your knee and foot played as big of a part as the surgeon.

  2. Is "single minded" a nice way of saying "obessive"??

  3. I'm still always amazed at how the body can heal so well after surgery. And I'm glad to learn that you are now pain-free xxx


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