Friday, May 31, 2013

OKC and Tornadoes

Apparently I need a job. I never know what day of the week I'm in and that's a sure sign of the unemployed.

We went to the casino in Marksville yesterday. After losing my six dollars, I found a table in a cafe there and surfed the internet on my WiFi. I was amazed that they allowed patrons inside the casino to be distracted by the internet. The hotel there offers WiFi but usually casinos require a password and of course nobody is going to give it to you. You're there to lose your money to help pay their light bill and their employees. Dropping money into the one armed bandits is not my cup of tea.

Right now I'm watching the tornado that is down on the ground and moving toward Oklahoma City. The northern part of the USA and Canada needs to warm up. Their cold air meeting our warm air is playing havoc with the midwestern states. The devastation caused in Moore, Oklahoma last week and now another one they may change direction and hit them again, my heart hurts for them.

Carrie is spending the weekend with her paternal grandparents and her dad. We miss her. Wednesday she spent most of the day and evening with us. Her Poppy found a website with cartoon drawings and with pen and paper in hand she drew from them. Her first ones were a disappointment to her and she voiced her displeasure.

"One word, Carrie," I said to her..."PRACTICE!"

4 drawings later, a major improvement was noted. By the time she was on her 10th cartoon, she had it down. Eye to hand coordination, she was able to reproduce what she was seeing, her left brain was in use. She is not quite ready to do a portrait but she is close.

I like to expose Carrie to as many activities as possible. She will eventually find her way in what she likes and wants to persue.

It's barely 1900 hrs here and I could crawl into bed and fall asleep. I won't do that as I'm sitting here with one eye on the weather being reported on MSNBC. The storm chasers are reporting as it moves from city to city and even from street to street as it approaches the southern end of Oklahoma City.  Live feed pictures are being broadcast. Amazing. Cars are being abandoned as people rush to find a place to hide.

I'll be on my sofa watching the weather and keeping my fingers crossed for a good outcome and no injuries on this latest storm.

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